Like most Digital Marketing Companies, Smartfish Designs cannot issue you a refund for the services that we render. This includes website designs, Internet marketing services, social media marketing, PPC management, photography, graphics work, branding, advertising, web applications, printing task, logo design work, and content writing. We take a careful approach to helping you get the exposure possible. We use of the best SEO practices possible, using only “white hat” SEO techniques to help you grow your website rankings and traffic. And if given a long-term opportunity, we do guarantee you’ll see higher rankings and traffic from all our efforts.

SmartFish Designs does not have control over the policies, algorithms and practices, of third party companies/websites such as, but not limited to, Google, Google My Business, bing, yahoo or similar sites/directories. SmartFish Designs does not have control over third party social media companies and practices such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin, youtube or similar businesses. Client assumes all risk, responsibility for all client website(s) content, photos, social media content, and graphics. Client also assumes all risk, and responsibility, for content that is posted to any social media site, by SmartFish Designs, on the client’s behalf. Visit our client privacy page for more information.

Monthly Digital Marketing Plans / Retainer Cancellation Policy

SmartFish Designs clients on an ongoing monthly marketing plan / retainer may cancel their plan, with 30 days prior written notice. Smartfish Designs does not refund partial month payments. Cancellation only applies after the 30-day cancellation waiting period is over. Client will be charged for any work done during the 30 cancellation period.

Eligibility for a refund/Cancellation

If the client is dissatisfied with the outcome and has gone through the dispute resolution process, we do consider refund requests as per the following schedule which clearly lists the services and our refund policy.

Delivery time

    • If the project has not been taken up yet, a full refund is given
    • In case of our failure to adhere to our delivery policy after the initial design style has been approved, we issue a partial refund in an amount corresponding to the work completed.
    • After the project has been uploaded on the server, refund policy is null and void.

Logo/ Brochure and other design work.

    • Same as delivery time conditions

 Web and Programming Projects

    • Full refund if the project has not been taken up yet
    • Partial refund will be issued as per the discretion of the service provider if the project has not been completed in tune with the delivery policy and contract. It will be in proportion to the work completed.

Dedicated hiring

    • Full refund if the project has not been taken up.
    • Proportionate amount to the work that has been completed by the time the client cancels the order.
    • Once the work has been started, the client is not liable for a refund for the days the resource has worked. The client is required to notify the Project Manager if he/she is not satisfied. Such a request at a later date shall not be entertained.

Applicability of the Delivery Policy

    • Timely payments: Any project shall not be considered void if the listed payments are not cleared
    • Timely communication from the client: We are not bound by the refund policy, if the necessary information for successful completion of the project is not communicated to us in a timely manner.
    • Completeness of information provided by the client: If proper and complete information is not furnished, we are not bound by our refund commitments or maintain the delivery.
    • We will not make any compensation for the delay of delivery under any circumstances, unless explicitly a penalty clause is added.

Limitation of liability

    • Our liability is limited to the value of the portion of the project (which stands incomplete at any given point of time. We shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of delay in delivery. The liability to refund arises only once the project has been cancelled by the client and such cancellation has been communicated to us in writing.

Processing of refunds

    • Refund will be processed in 10 business days. They will be done by the same method of payment as original.


    • The policy can be changed at any time without notification to you. You are requested to keep viewing this policy from time to time. Once you view the website post the change in policy, it is seen as your acceptance of the same.