At SmartFish Designs

we are addicted to growth and keeping abreast with the transcending trends of design.

Initiated by Vishal Bhatt and Arshad Jhatam  as a designing hub, today their designing hub has meta morphed  into much more than just that. It’s work profile is now sprawled across various genres ranging from designing, building corporate identities,  SEO and their most recent break through; advertising and marketing.

Today, SmartFish Designs has a clientele of 500 satisfied clients and this list continues to grow.


We love challenges specially. We thrive on clients who have expectations. Being technically strong and possessing a thorough understanding of the nuances of the industry, we are able to handle the customer demands with confidence.


Our vision is profitable growth for us and our clients through exceptional customer services, superior quality, dynamic innovation and most dedicated commitment.


Design and Development Team

The heart of our agency is our extremely dedicated and talented team of individuals. We dedicate our success to them. We must however mention that, behind every successful team there exist two important factors : skilled expertise in the field and the hunger to deliver optimum results.

We have an experienced and technically sound team of web designers, graphic designers and web developers who are updated with the latest web related technologies. They have the expertise to handle any project which has to be designed / undertaken according to clients requirement and achieve deadlines.